The novel therapy for AVN of the femoral head includes computerized image analysis system, treatment device, series of Chinese patent medicine including Cheng Zai Wan (kidney yang-warming and meridian-unblocking pills), dynamic modeling of the hip joint, pelvic balance adjustment, hip-opening device, architectural reconstruction of the hip joint, remodeling, two-way regulation of bone repair, treatment table with biological effects of magnetic field, Chinese herbal atomization to relax gluteal muscles, herbal diet, herbal bath, light-wave bath and holistic TCM nursing care, etc.

1.The General Idea of the Non-Surgical Therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

2.Computerized color imaging diagnostic system of femoral head necrosis.

3.The release of electrical signal with TCM into acupuncture point.

4.Series TCM Medicine of Cheng Zai Pill.

5.Immersion and atomizing fumigation by TCM.

6.Dynamic molding method of hip joint.

7.Adjustment method for pelvis structural balance

8.massage method to relax the tendon of hip joint by kneading.