In recent years, Dr. huang has been awarded many prestigious honors for this work regarding the treatment of necrosis. Some of these honors include:

  • Gold Medal & Best Project Award by the China Patent Department & China Intellectual Property Rights Department
  • National Invention Medal in Australia
  • Knight Medal in Belgium
  • Cross Medal in Spain

      In addition to these achievements, the China Science & Technology Committee has spread Dr. Huang’s techniques since 1995. His methods have also won one of the 10 Science & Technology Achievements popularized by the Chinese Government in TCM in 2003. Furthermore, People’s Health Publishing House has published Dr. Huang’s Non-surgical Treatments for Necrosis of the Femoral Head and the Beijing Science & Technology Committee has given the hospital a certificate of new and advance technique enterprise of Beijing. The hospital was rated as State-level Key Specialty Hospital from 2013.