Case type Related medical records
1.traumatic necrosis of femur head Case1、 Case2、 Case3Case4、 Case5、 Case6Case7、 Case8Case9、 Case10、 Case11Case12 Case13、 Case14 、 Case15Case16Case17Case18、 Case19、 Case20Case21、 Case22Case23、 Case24
2.Femur head necrosis caused by steroids Case25Case26、 Case27、 Case28Case29Case30、 Case31Case32、 Case33Case34、 Case35Case36Case37
3.Femur head necrosis caused by alcohol. Case38Case39Case40Case41Case42
4.Rheumatoid arthritis is complicated by structural deterioration of femoral head. Case43Case44Case45
5.Ankylosing spondylitis is complicated by structural deterioration of femur head and acetabulum. Case46、 Case47Case48、 Case49Case50、 Case51Case52Case53
6.Inherent  hypogenesis is complicated by femur head necrosis. Case54Case55
7.Femur head necrosis caused by unknown reasons. Case56Case57Case58
8.The Femur Head Necrosis of Children Case59Case60、 Case61、 Case62Case63Case64、 Case65Case66、 Case67Case68、 Case69Case70Case71
9.Necrosis of other bones Case72Case73Case74、 Case75Case76、 Case77Case78、 Case79
10.Loosening and sinking of prosthesis Case80、 Case81Case82、 Case83