Beijing Emperor Hospital, founded by Professor Ke Qin Huang, is the first and largest scientific Chinese hospital that specializes in the treatment of femur head necrosis using non-operative and non-invasive methods. The hospital has 200 beds. The hospital treats both national and international patients from 40 different countries because of the definitive results its treatment course achieves. It has been selected by the Chinese government as National key special hospital for treating Femur Head Necrosis. The hospital uses Dr. Huang’s highly advanced and patented Femur Head Necrosis Treatment Method, which is uniquely non-surgical, non-invasive and uses TCM to treat Femur Head Necrosis.

        Professor Huang’s new therapy of femur head necrosis is a break through that defies medical verdict. This therapy applies a patented technique that uses Chinese medicine to activate the intrinsic properties of bone tissue, keeping the hip joint intact as the necrotic femoral head adapts itself to the functional environment. The treatment course repairs the structure of the femur head, improves blood circulation, strengthens bone, tendon, and muscle tissue, and aids functional rebuilding. Using this new therapy, even late stage femoral head necrosis can be reverted and repaired, while function of the hip joint is improved.

        Professor Huang is an expert recognized by the State Council and this advanced therapy is his patented technique. On the basis of animal experiments and clinical observations, its reliability is proven. In the medical community, most doctors don’t believe that the progression of this disease can be reverted, especially in severe case, but they are impressed by the remarkable results achieved through our therapy. Even in late stages, the femur head of our patients can be saved using our methods.

        Based on fundamental theories of Chinese medicine, bone biomechanics, ultrastructure of bone injury, stress-electromechanical principle and Wolff’s law, this novel therapy proposed the repair criteria for the hip joint and repair theory for femoral head architecture. Architectural repair and reconstruction can improve intraosseous circulation to nurture bone tissue, repair necrotic bones and thus restore physiological functions of the femoral head. This theory comes from years of clinical practice and integrates interdisciplinary knowledge such as biological electro-mechanical property.

        Conventional treatment aims to increase blood supply and release obstruction of circulation and necrosis of weight-bearing. This includes surgical procedures of vascularized bone or muscle flap grafting, osteotomy, core decompression, interventional therapy, bone grafting upon debridement, and transplantation of synovial membrane. Total hip replacement is often used for later stage AVN of the femoral head.

        The novel therapy has broken through the history of surgical procedure alone for AVN of the femoral head and total hip replacement for later stage patients. By releasing effective components of Chinese herbs and bioelectrical signal to the body through the treatment device, this therapy can improve intraosseous stress and electric potential and speed up the head-acetabulum modeling. The orally administered Chinese herbal formulae can reinforce healthy qi, consolidate the body and benefit marrow and essence. This coupled with releasing effective components of Chinese herbs to points can adjust components of intraosseous trace elements, repair bone structure, improve blood supply, increase mechanical property of the femoral head and thus restore its normal functions.

        Studies have found that architectural damage of the femoral head can cause dysfunction of the weigh bearing system of bone biomaterials. The architectural repair interacts with reconstruction of circulation system. TCM holds that the key treatment strategy for sores and ulcers is to ‘transform dead tissues into fresh ones’, which actually means to culture the pus for the sake of fresh tissue regeneration. Long-term clinical experience in the treatment of later stage AVN of the femoral head has proven that it’s important to maintain a stable internal environment within the femoral head, increase the activity of bone marrow cells and bone cells, improve osteogenic induction and thus promote structural and capillary repair as well as new bone growth.

        This novel therapy aims to reconstruct and improve bone structure within the femoral head, and adjust intraosseous stress and bioelectrochemical environment. Since bone structure repair can release vascular compression and help to reconstruct circulation system within the femoral head, it’s of great significance to repair the necrotic femoral head.

        Dr. Ke Qin Huang also established Beijing Emperor Research Institute for Femur Head Necrosis, which is one of Beijing’s highly advanced technological businesses. The facility specializes in the research and development of the “Femur Head Necrosis Therapy Apparatus,” technique training, technology transfer, technical consultation, and so on. “Femur Head Necrosis Therapy Apparatus” is designed based on Wolff principal of stress doctrine and super microstructure injury theory. The apparatus is applicable to treating Femur Head Necrosis and cannot be replaced by acupuncture, moxibustion, massage, physical therapy, or surgery. Chinese National Technology Association popularized this apparatus in 1995 (document number 014). “Femur Head Necrosis Apparatus” received national patent permission. After assessment by the Beijing Medicine Regulation Department, it became a registered product.